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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CAD Tips - Getting Personal!

- Mindy Tangney
Architectural Project Coordinator

Do you ever find yourself working in CAD and getting irritated because you are constantly going back and forth between Ribbon Tabs to find the command that you are looking for? You can now personalize your tabs to eliminate frustration and increase production! Here's how:

Click on the “Tools” Ribbon, then “CUI User Interface”:

Your “Customize User Interface” dialogue box should appear. Next click on “Ribbon Tabs” to expand the list:

Browse the various Ribbon Tabs until you locate the appropriate Ribbon Panel you want to show up on your “Home” Ribbon Tab, click on it and drag and drop it in the location you want it to appear:

Click “OK” and your Ribbon will be updated! You do not need to save out your profile, but it never hurts to do so.