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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reeths-Puffer Schools

It's not too often that we have an opportunity to see the progression of our projects from this angle! At Reeths-Puffer Schools, TowerPinkster is renovating the middle school (top photo is before) to feature a new "student commons". The center of the school is being renovated to incorporate daylighting (by raising the ceiling), and to feature new classrooms, locker pods, common gathering space and to allow for improved supervision.

During construction:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Federal Building Renovations

Check out a recent article about one of our projects in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Renovations and historic preservation at the Federal Building for Kendall College of Art & Design!

Click here!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Carbon Day!

Did you know that Septmeber 15th is the official Carbon Day holiday? Since 1990, this day has been a worldwide event intended to increase awareness about the negative effect that greenhouse gas emissions have on our environment. Most people think of it as "tree planting day", but it is so much more!

Here are a few interesting facts about how WoodsEdge Learning Center has reduced its carbon footprint:

The building is designed to reduce energy consumption by 37% and will save 540 metric tons of carbon emissions every year!

97% of the wood materials used to build WoodsEdge are FSC certified.

97% of debris generated during construction was diverted from landfills.

24% of the materials used were harvested and manufactured within a 500 mile radius of the building.

21% of materials installed were made from recycled materials.

32% water savings is achieved through the use of low-flow fixtures.

. . . and much more! WoodsEdge Learning Center is on track to achieving LEED Gold Certification.