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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day.......

All of us at TowerPinkster work hard to incorporate sustainable design solutions in all's simply the right thing to do. So after the last one leaves for the day, does that sustainability push continue on to our home lives? The answer is simple: yes.

In honor of earth day, many of us at TowerPinkster are doing something extra to recognize this important are just a few small examples that can collectively have great impact:

  • Tom VanDam (Senior Mechanical Engineer), is riding his bike to work this week...that's nearly 200 miles!

  • Emily Ford (Marketing Specialist), a new home owner, planted four Blue Spruce trees in her backyard.

  • Wayne Norlin (Senior Project Manager), is also riding his bike to work this week.

  • John Henke (Mechanical Designer), is relocating some trees from his nursery to their final resting place.

  • Jonathan Rumohr (Mechanical Designer), a new home owner, recycled scrap metal found in his backyard and replaced the area with a compost enclosure and planted perennial wildflowers and low-maintenance grasses.

  • Ron Boezwinkle (Project Manager) is replacing an inefficient exterior door at his home and swapping out bulbs with new compact lamps.

  • Mindy Tangney (Architectural Project Coordinator) is a new home owner and opted for electric lawn equipment.

  • Matt Slagle (Architectural Designer) is walking to work this week.

  • Kate Betts (Marketing Specialist) is swapping out all of her harsh chemical cleaning products with either homemade or green solutions.

  • Jennifer Boezwinkle (Commercial Focus Group Leader) will be donating her family's used athletic shoes to the Nike "ReUse Shoe" Program (they grind up the shoes to create a rubber filler found in artificial turf).

  • Perry Hausman (Mechanical Engineer) uses homemade cleaning products (baking soda and vinegar removes soap scum from showers and tubs, vinegar and water cleans mirrors, windows, and hard water stains from the kitchen sink and counter tops, microfiber cloths are used on all surfaces rather than disposable wipes or paper towels, and a bagless vacuum eliminates bags from the landfill or compost pile.

Please join us in making a little effort that can have a large impact!