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Thursday, July 1, 2010

570 Volunteer Hours!

On any given day, you will find someone from TowerPinkster or TowerPinkster's extended family involved in a community event: from Big Brothers and Big Sisters to the American Cancer Society to ongoing Walk-a-thons and Bike-a-thons, to many more charitable events.

We are proud members of many national and local organizations including: Hospice of Michigan, United Way, Rotary and Boy Scouts to name just a few. We are also proud to support various educational institutions by sponsoring annual scholarships and grants as well as donations to local libraries and other public service organizations.

Our firm is dedicated to supporting the communities that support us! We also take a hands-on approach to volunteerism that brings us closer to our communities, positively affecting our understanding and ability to serve West Michigan.

In fact, each TowerPinkster employee is given a full day every year to donate time to the organization of their choice. This program resulted in 570 volunteer hours in 2009, totaling $17,500 of time paid by TowerPinkster!