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Friday, April 15, 2011

School Safety is #1

We spend a lot of time listening to our school clients and parents. Today, their overwhelming concern is the safety of their children during the school day.  News stories of school violence and bullying seem to occur all too often.  One superintendent said it best, “when parents drop their kids off at our schools, they are entrusting us with their most prized possessions”.

Recognizing this reality, TowerPinkster recently collaborated with another local firm and invited a Nationally recognized security trainer to provide four days of intense safety instruction to five of our architects.  The training program (CPTED in Schools - Crime Prevention Through Environment Design) was administered by The National Institute of Crime Prevention. As a firm, we are dedicated to educating our staff on ways to increase safety and security on school campuses. Training topics included a diverse range from landscape design, lighting, color, terrorism and crisis planning, traffic calming and even a site assessment of a recently completed TowerPinkster school project.

Strategies for improved safety can include concepts such as  neighborhood engagement, territorial reinforcement, natural access control, discouraging abnormal users, natural surveillance and improved lighting and maintenance.

If your district is concerned about student safety, contact us to discuss some strategies you should consider to improve student safety and security.