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Friday, February 26, 2010

Saving Energy = Saving Money

“At TowerPinkster we’ve made a commitment to sustainability. From the design of our Kalamazoo office—the first LEED certified facility in Southwest Michigan—to the hybrid cars we drive, we are dedicated to leading by example as good stewards of our environment. And, when saving energy saves money, it makes perfect business sense!”

Arnold Mikon, FAIA
President and CEO

Tough economic times often require difficult decisions to be made. But what if you could significantly improve your organization’s bottom line without cutting staff, reducing salaries or causing discomfort? What if in the process of implementing these cost-cuts, your organization also improved productivity, showed responsible citizenship and—just for good measure—helped save the earth? Smart energy usage in your existing facility can do just that.

Buildings Are Biggest Users
Approximately 37% of the energy and 68% of the electricity produced in the United States annually is consumed by buildings. As much as 25% of building energy use is wasted. That’s a lot of lost green—money, that is.

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