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Friday, February 5, 2010

Saving Money Through Heating and Cooling Efficiency

“Selecting the right HVAC equipment for a facility is half the battle. Maintaining and monitoring that equipment and challenging established energy useage habits can result in significant reductions in your energy consumption.”

Hans Korendyke, PE, CSI, CDT, CIPE
Senior Mechanical Engineer

New Construction
HVAC systems account for 39% of the energy used in commercial buildings in the U.S. The selection of high performance equipment for new construction can result in considerable energy, emissions and cost savings.

Systems Selection
Appropriate equipment selection must take into account the correct sizing to maximize efficiency, the owner’s plans for future expansion, the location of the equipment, and the sizing and routing of duct and piping systems to minimize pressure losses (energy required for distribution). And high performance systems don’t have to be expensive. Typically a 30% reduction in annual energy costs can be achieved with a payback period of three to five years.

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