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Friday, February 12, 2010

Economical Electrical Usage

TowerPinkster Corporate Office - Kalamazoo, MI “There are so many creative and impactful ways to save energy. The very first step is to educate yourself on where the energy is being used and how you can control it.”

Don White, PE, LEED AP
Electrical Department Manager

See the Light
What if in the process of improving your organization's bottom line, you could improve productivity, show responsible citizenship and—just for good measure—help save the earth?
Smart energy usage in your facility can do just that.

Go Outside with LED
There is good reason that LED lighting is quickly becoming a viable lighting source, particularly in interior applications. Replacing a 400-watt metal halide parking fixture with a 257-watt LED fixture has the same light output with a 55% energy savings. LEDs require less maintenance than other lamps and, lasting more than 100,000 hours, have a simple payback of seven years.

Install Multiple Meters
Multiple meters can help determine where the energy is being used. This allows you to set a baseline of energy use which can be used to establish measures that control consumption.

Turn Off Equipment
Studies show that electronics can make up to 20% of a building’s electrical load. Turn computers off overnight. During the day, instead of the screen saver mode, set computers to sleep mode which lowers the energy usage to about 6 watts.

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